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Sharon was raised in the pristine Canadian Northwest and her songs reflect a thoughtful depth born of a wilderness both in spirit and outer majesty. Her first recording was for Bumstead's Larry Wanagas alongside a teenage K.D. Lang. Then, from the forming of many groups centered around Edmonton's R&B and roots club scenes, to hitting the road as a single and crooning for oil crews and pipeliners from the Yukon throughout the vast reaches of Alberta and BC, she finally made a B line from the Whistler Mountain ski-lodge stage to Music Row in Nashville, securing record deals on Curb (her Trinity Lane trio) and Capitol (The Bottom Line album).

Sharon returned to Calahoo Alberta in the mid 90's and recorded an album on Royalty with R. Harlan Smith called Bringin' it Home. She was a regular on the country music scene as she hosted the songwriters nights at the Canadian Country Music Awards ceremonies. Sharon currently resides just out of Nashville with her family and works for the esteemed Ingram Industry. These later years, being inspired by Ian Tyson and his timeless contribution -- that iconic free spirited Canadian Cowboy Trilogy, Sharon once again put pen to paper and chin to guitar. Two more albums have come, and a full Trinity Lane album release as well.

Larry Delaney had saught her out in Feb of 2011; having done a half page spread on her history in the Country Music News magazine; siting 64 cuts of her songs through the years, among which were charted hits. He wrote "Sharon Anderson has quietly carved out a career as a songer/songwriter that few Canadian female artists have achieved". She responded by setting up new sessions with
producers George Bradfute and Chas Williams, and started immersing herself once again in that sweet nectar of new music being born.

Nashville studio musicians that have toured and recorded with Wynona, Nanci Griffith, the O'Canes, Kevin Welsh, and Garth Brooks among others, have come to play on these new "Life and Times and Enchanted Trails " albums. Chas said in an email "Thanks for letting me have a go at your masterpieces" .

Three singles were sent to Canadian radio, and have been well received. They were "Springtime Johnny" and "Long Gone Free". Then came "I Got Love" written with Chas. The Life and Times album also contains chart successes from her Capitol and Royalty albums, and the unveiling of some then unreleased Curb label sessions of her "Trinity Lane" trio songs that were masterfully arranged, championing the A-team Nashville sidemen of the day and featuring intricate harmonies on songs crafted by herself, Tom Grant and Allen Estes. 

On these later albums, there are also inspirational musical moments "A spiritual side that has flourished within me, and is the true and deep treasure of my 'life and times' experience. ".

Enchanted Trails is folkier, and a little esoteric. Six of the songs were written from instrumentals by Chas Williams, and Wild Caballo was complimented by Ian Tyson. So, success.

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